National Tap Day

As I sit here contemplating the whorl wind that the last few months have been I am kind of awe struck at what has been accomplished. A little less than a year ago I was strongly encouraged by Diane Walker and Victoria Jones to start the Mile High City Tap Festival.

Sarah P., our artistic director, fell out of the sky and joined me in this crazy venture. As a start up the worst case scenario happened but we are hell bent on not letting it break us. We have had to become really creative in how we move forward.

Today, National Tap Day, was suppose to look very different for use. We planned a local on-site event at an amazing location not far from where I am currently sitting. As the reality of the situation sunk in Sarah and I wanted to find a way for the Mile High City Tap Dance Festival to still celebrate in a big way. We wanted to kick to door in and slide into the party. we wanted to make a scene.

I have to admit that I am a dreamer and Ii do everything for to the floor. So my idea was huge. I started tossing the feelers out there to see, of the people I respect as teachers, who would be willing to join me in a free event. the response was overwhelming. I am still in shock over the fact that we were able to pull the groups together that we did. With this event we will have 16 hours of classes streamed to the FaceBook group, Tap Dancers Hub. The reality of it blows my freing mind. I’m so honored that these artiest would agree to get behind my vision. I was very hesitant to approach them because I was asking them to do it for free. i Am so humbled by the fact that people who are so widely respect in the Tap Community said, ”YES!” without even a thought.

As I sit here awake, anxious because I want today to go off perfect, I am Really grateful for the overwhelming global response. I have had people from France, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and the UK reach out to me asking if they can come. The biggest day of the year for America Tap have become a global celebration. When I started looking at who I wanted to be a part of this I called on my friends north of our boarder.

Peter Christo and Mike Glenney 2 amazing instructors from Canada we more than Happy to join my and take part in our Live Live Stream Celebration. I appreciate You both. I want to thank Anthony Lo Cascio, Shelby Kaufman amd Rodny Howell. I don’t think you 3 realize just how much I learned from you when I got to a point where there were no longer people I could learn from in person. Thanks needs to go to Suzanne Dielrscherl. We have been dm dance friends since way back and you have always been in my corner. Chelsea Mae, in the midst of turmoil you let this be something to help you stay grounded. Thank you for carrying the ball on the Facebook side Keith Prater You popped up on my Instagram feed and I was hooked and because of that I met Jensen Freedman. Thank you both for giving your time and energy to this so openly. YOU’RE incredible humans. Liz Rancourt-Smith and Lisa Ferlita, though we are new connections your work and Tap Educators caught my attention m. Thank you both for sharing that with our community. Tracy, your input and advice has been invaluable. you keep me honest. LA Dysarthria. Thank you for getting involved and being so willing to support us. And Finally... Kelsey Rose!!!! You my dear are a rock star. When you joined Tap Dancers Hub I hyperventilated a little. The fact that you we so fast to say yes to this still blows my mind. I can not wait to see what your future holds.

from Sarah and I both THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU ALL!

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