This item is made by hand and takes 30 days to manufacture


Artisan tap-dancing boots ArteFYL

You can choose between three widths: standard, extra, and double. If you are unsure how to measure the width of your foot or if you do not know which Spanish number corresponds to your size, you can measure your feet with the help of the illustrated size guide.


Ankle Boot with Zipper

SKU: AF052020
  • Please note that the shoes are custom made to order following the customer's instructions. Returns only accepted in the event that we have not made the product according to the instructions received in the form of your order or manufacturing defect thereof. The manufacturing process of the shoes is about 20/30 days and the shipping depending on the chosen medium and the place of delivery will range from 1-10 days. Spain 1-2 days, Europe (Fedex 2 days, post 8 approx.) USA-Canada-Asia (Fedex 2-3 days; post 12 days approx). For reasons beyond our control, we do not ship to Mexico and Brazil. For any order in those countries, consult the possibilities with us by sending an email. We will always keep you informed of the manufacturing process of your shoes. We will also inform you by email of the exact date of shipment and the tracking number of our courier.

    Colors may vary depending on your computer monitor - please note that the colors you see may not exactly match the actual color of the material.

    Size Instructions

    Please see the sizing instructions for details.

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